internet, land mobile radio and phone virtually anywhere
internet, land mobile radio and phone virtually anywhere

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Land Mobile Radio Services:


   1. Surveys prior to installations.


    2.System design, installation, training, maintenance 

       and support.


    3.Secure communications ( AES 256 encryption )

       Automatic switching of communications from the  

       customer’s existing radio system, cellular network

       and L-Band satellite.




Satellite Data Services:


1. Site Surveys prior to installations.


2. Full-Time Broadband Satellite Data Services


3. L-Band High Capacity Data Communications for low data  

    usage remote sites.


4. L- Band Mobile Communications for vehicles.


5. Embedded AES256 Cybersecurity, NERC CIP compliant data

   links from remote sites to data hub.


6. VPN service from remote site to data hub.


7. Solar Power Options


8. DC Power Options


9. Outdoor ventilated equipment enclosures for satellite modems.


10. Satellite phone with unlimited US and Canada Calling.



11. Satellite Data system bonding for multiplying data speeds


12. Satellite Data system load-balancing and content filtering.


13. Satellite Hot Standby data service back-up, with 

       automatic transfer of data in the event of primary data

       link becoming off-line.




IT Services:


We offer a complete suite of IT products and services from network management, network penetration testing, and NERC CIP compliant security overlay products and subscriptions.


1.Web base SCADA, Computers, Linux, Servers, VM (Virtual Machines), Network, Dynamic DNS, Fiber Optics, VPN and Satellite Communication Systems


2. Ethernet, Serial, DH+, DH485, RS485, Modbus , Modbus Plus, OPC and All Drivers for SCADA Systems

3. WIFI Systems

4. High Speed Point to Point wireless data links up to 25 miles.

5. Data Cable installations and implementation.

6. Data Rack Installations.



SCADA Services:


Our staff is fully capable to work with virtually any SCADA platform. These are a few of the systems we work with on a daily basis. Complete design, maintenance, and installation are available.


1.(Allen-Bradley) PLC-5, ALL SLC500 and Micrologix Platforms,  all Controllogix Platforms (Contorllogix, Compact Logix, Flex Logix), (Modbus PLC’s)  Modicon Quantum’s, Compact, Momentums and ScadaPack’s


2.(HMI and SCADA) Inductive Automation Ignition, Wonderware, Iconic, RSview32, Factory Talk SE,  Open Automation, ClearSCADA and InduSoft Web Studio


3.(Allen-Bradley) Panelview, Panelview Plus (Factory Talk ME and Factory Talk CE), and Maple Systems


4.(Wireless Radios) Phoenix Contact (Serial and Ethernet) , MDS iNET (Serial and Ethernet), Free Wave (Serial and Ethernet)




Remote Camera Observation Systems:


Video camera system design, installation and maintenance is available.


1. High Resolution IP and wired observation systems.

2. On site or remote DVR capability.

3. Manage multiple sites from one remote location.

4. Infrared motion detection and intrusion detection available.



Telephone Systems:


Complete telephone system design, installation and maintenance services are available. We can provide systems of any size.


1. SIP Trunks

2. PBX Systems

3. Web-based PBX Systems

4. Call routing and voicemail.

5. VOIP mobile and fixed systems.






We offer a diverse range of exclusive products and solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourself on providing high quality products and offer a quality guarantee on all items.


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.

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