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Hot Standby Satellite Data Backup and Why Celluar Service is a POOR choice for Backup

If the operation of your business depends on connection to the internet you know how important it is to have a back-up plan if your primary internet connection is not working.
If you loose your primary internet connection,  our Hot Standby Satellite Data Service is always ready to automatically transfer your internal network to our always available high speed satellite internet connection.

The need for a back-up data solution indicates that the data is so important that the need for continuity of service exists.

Otherwise the user would just wait for their primary connection to return to service. So, for instances where a back-up is "really needed"  it is important to have the best

solution available.


The are only a few of the many reasons why a Cellular Back Up is not a good "worst case solution".


1. ALL cellular "service" is residential grade. There are commercial/industrial wireless devices available, however the "network is residential grade".

    The reason is that the vast majority of cell users are "residential", so it does not make sense for a cell provider to "harden their network infrastructure" to make it an   

    industrial grade  solution. Anyone who have used cell service knows this, as they have had calls dropped frequently.

2. It is a fact that cellular service is not available during a disaster, man-made or a natural disaster.

    There are two primary reasons for this.

    a. When a disaster occurs, everyone gets on the phone and either wants to discuss the disaster or they are a victim of the disaster and need help. The cell network then

        "crashes". The crash is a direct result of the infrastructure design, the networks are not designed for this high level of 'user saturation". Again, the network design is for

        an average number of subscribers using the network at any given time. This is a residential design.

     b. The network uses towers that may be down, and uses terrestrial based interconnectivity which is down due to flooding ect.


During the 911 tragedy, no one in the New York area could make a call or use cell data, the cell networks failed. Anyone that has ever been to a major football game has experienced the loss of service, as everyone at the game is overloading the cell.


When a cell device fails, the cell provider will just say "bring in your cell modem, you must have a bad unit", they do not understand or want to hear that the Network is the problem.


Our service and support is "Industrial Grade", the network is designed not to crash during heavy usage. There is no common point of failure, except the satellite. As it is located 22 thousand miles above the earth, it is unaffected by weather or earth bound disasters. We offer real time network analysis of a problem, and we are able to trouble shoot remotely. Weather our customer chooses Ka or L Band, the network and service has a reliability of service continuity of 99.9%.

When a customer really needs a back up solution they can depend on, We Are The Clear Choice.

At your location we install a state of the art high speed satellite system along with a smart switch that will transfrer your internet traffic in the event of a primary data connection failure.



Continental US Hot Standby Commercial Systems



Speed: typically 15Mbps downstream and 4Mbps upstream


Data Allowance: 30GB Per Month


Up to 3 Persistent IP Addresses


Additional Data: May Be Purchased at $10-$15 per GB via your online personal data management portal.


NO contract is required in most cases, however an agreement for service is required.


Monthly Service Fee: Paid in advance of service month $175 USD per month



Equipment and Standard Installation: including Hot Standby Transfer Switch, dish antenna, transceiver, satellite modem and wall or roof mount.$1250 ea.



Service is available in most but not all areas. Installation is available in most areas within 50 miles of our field offices. Out of scope installations, and or travel will be quoted on an individual basis. Valid US credit card on file is required to purchase additional monthly data.


*prices are subject to change


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