internet, land mobile radio and phone virtually anywhere
internet, land mobile radio and phone virtually anywhere

Communicate Between Virtually any Locations in North America, NO MATTER WHAT happens to cell and repeater towers, or associated equipment. AES 256 Encryption is included.

Coming soon!                                          Optional PSTN Access, allowing users to make calls to any PSTN telephone device through the satellite network.

  • Our Land Mobile Radio Services May Include, system design, installation, training, maintenance and support.
  • No expensive repeater sites, tower maintenance, repeater dead zones, bad coax, bad connectors, frequency coordination.


Know where your personnel are and where they have been, GPS tracking is included with our service.

For Mobile or Indoors installations The Basic unit includes Viasat's new and silent electronically steered, antenna array, push to talk unit and Control/Speaker-Microphone.

Mobile Kit, for quick transport to an area of need, FAA Approved Carry-On Unit. Be ready to talk in 5 minutes or less.

Everything you need is included, power from a vehicle cigarette lighter or included AC power supply. Mobile kit also can include our optional remote speaker/mic, which allows communication for up to 1000 feet from the vehicle through the vehicles encrypted mobile radio satellite system.

Stock Units for Contractors You Wish To Communicate with Roll-Abord Is FAA Approved for carry on

GPS Vehicle Tracking and Vechicle Performance Data Are Part Of The System

The ability to use “Sat Phones” has been around for several years.

However these use the Hughes or Iridium Network which is more expensive that the ViaSat/Skyterra 1 solution. Also, these are satellite only solutions, and cannot integrate with the customers’ existing VHF/UHF land mobile radio system.


Our system is “next generation” advanced technology and right now has no equal competition.


Here are the market advantages we have with the Cobham/ViaSat Hardware and ViaSat/Skyterra Service Plans.

  1. We have the ability to use up to two different cell providers including LTE for service, in addition to L-Band Service. The system will use the cell networks first, and if not available will switch to the L-Band Network. This results in a superior and much clearer call experience.
  2. Our L-Band Satellite service is much less expensive, less than $150 per month, per user with UNLIMITED Satellite Talk Time, and the ability to add data serviced with our L-Band Data Plans for computer web access from anywhere in North America.
  3. Our system is MUCH more secure, with AES256 data encryption. This is critical in today’s world and upcoming NERC CP requirements for “secure communications”.
  4. Our system is of “IP 66 industrial quality” not cheap consumer quality. The units are designed to work for years without maintenance, unlike the older MSAT G2  system, there are NO moving parts.
  5. Our system has built in “Blue Tooth” for connection to tablets, without “WIFI”.
  6. Our system has built in “WIFI” wireless computer and smart phone access to data plans.
  7. Our outdoor unit “ODU” is lightweight and small, the unit my easily be magnetically mounted to a vehicle roof. No holes in the roof are required.
  8. Using our portal, system users may easily set up an unlimited number of “Call Groups”, as these call groups are IP based we can include anyone from anywhere in North America in the call group. The group members are not geographically limited to the same area.
  9. All system controls and speaker are located on the integrated IP 66 rated “mike/control unit”.
  10. Our system easily integrates with the customers’ existing land mobile radio system.


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